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How it Works old


2.) Choose One Time Order & PLACE ORDER (here)

 The minimum order is $35

3.) CHECKOUT – Make sure to finish your order by clicking CHECKOUT box in shopping cart and submitting payment.

4.) PICK UP YOUR MEAL at the designated pick -up location  that you chose when ordering.  


Which plan is best for you? 

Are you single? Do you live alone? Maybe 3 meals are perfect- enjoy one or two for lunch  and take 1 or 2 nights off from cooking this week!   

A couple? Cooking together is fun, but it’s hard to keep that energy up for every meal. Take a night or two off and get to your favorite mini series sooner- 6 meals/week guarantees you a break from the kitchen for both of you 3 nights

A family of four? - x3 meals each a day means preparing 84 meals a week! This is a challenge that can be relieved by 12 meals a week


No matter what your plan/how many meals a week you choose- you’ll ALWAYS be happy there is a delicious, healthy meal ready for you. What a relief! And remember - you can always add extra meals to you subscription every week with our "One Time Order" option!


Please Keep in Mind Our Ordering Deadlines:

You must place your order on Sunday by noon for Tuesday pickup



Important Notes and Guidelines:

*Please note that if your order is not picked up after 5 days it will be discarded without a refund. 


*You may cancel or freeze a weekly subscription before the order deadline time.         

*One time orders must be submitted every week, they will not be repeated automatically