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protein: 6 ounces

vegetables: 16 ounces

carbs-complex: 8 ounces

PALEO: 0 complex carbs

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only three steps!

  1. PLACE YOUR ORDER Choose either “One Time Order” OR “Build Your Weekly Subscription Plan”. With either choice, the order minimum is 3 meals. After 3 meals are selected, then add-on bulk items or additional meals in any amount. Remember, if you are building a weekly subscription, whatever you choose here will automatically repeat every week until you cancel or freeze it before the ordering deadlines.
    Want to change your weekly subscription order? Simply cancel your subscription and start over with Build Your Meal Plan.
    choose One Time Order. Order as much as you want, but 3 meals is the minimum.
  2. CHECKOUT Finish your order by clicking CHECKOUT box in shopping cart and submitting payment. Weekly Subscription Meal Plans charge to your account each week and meals are delivered each week, until you freeze or cancel. One Time orders are charged a single time.
  3. PICK UP your meals on the specified delivery date at the location you chose when placing your order. See locations and pick up times here. Home delivery option will be coming soon.

Terms and Conditions - I understand my cc (bank?) information on file are charged weekly for Build a Meal Subscription Plans and one time for single orders.



  • Are you single? 3-4 meals could be perfect- enjoy one or two meals for lunch and take one or two nights off from cooking! We guarantee you’ll be happy to see delicious ready to eat meals in your fridge.
  • A couple? Cooking together is fun, but it’s hard to keep that energy up for every meal. Take one or two nights off and get to your favorite miniseries sooner. 6 meals/week guarantees both of you a break from the kitchen- 3 nights a week!
  • A family of four? x3 meals each a day means preparing 84 meals a week! This is a serious challenge folks. Treat your family (ok, yourself) to three completely stress-free mealtimes with your family with the 12 meals/week plan. Relax & enjoy. You most definitely deserve it.

The lunch at work dilemma- Don’t succumb to unhealthy take out or inadequate snacks to get you thru the workday! With a 5 meals/week subscription, you’ll feel good about how you’ve satisfied your Monday-Friday midday cravings with seriously delicious and healthy food. You may even be more productive. Your body and your boss will thank you. Not to mention your taste buds.

No matter how many meals a week you choose
you’ll ALWAYS be happy there is a
delicious, healthy meal ready for you to eat.
What a relief!

And remember - you can always add extra meals and add-ons to your subscription with our "One Time Order" option!

Ordering Deadlines:

  • You must place your order on Sunday by noon for Tuesday pickup