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FIT640 is the company that is changing fitness and nutrition routines by delivering complete science-based lifestyle fitness systems to the Seacoast. There is no FAKE fitness here. It is real and it is changing the lives of countless people with its "3 PILLARS" of fitness program.  


Having consistent nutritious meals are a major part of your health success and journey. FITFOOD640 is a dynamic health-conscious meal preparation company that keeps you eating healthy during the busy week.  It is a major part of the FIT640 "3 pillar" fitness system that has a dedicated team of certified trainers, nutritionists and chefs that make up the elite team at FIT640. Our exclusive FITFOOD menu has nutrient dense delicious meals that are portioned out into balanced macronutrients so you get the benefits of balanced nutrition every time. Meals contain approx macronutrients of  30Pro 40 Carb 30 Fat, with paleo meals as an exception. Our food is the highest grade quality, locally sourced, locally prepared by our partners at On The Vine Marketplace which has earned a reputation of outstanding quality for over 16 years. There is no compromise on quality of meats, veggies and food prep handling.  


The average person consumes 21 meals per week. In our busy lives, it is very difficult to access healthy choices on every meal. We help you solve this problem. A mere 3 meals per week from FITFOOD640 menu will fill in those gaps when "the fridge is empty" and you tired from a long day at work. Not to mention a hungry family that is "waiting" for dinner! With FITFOOD640, you SAVE TIME, EAT HEALTHY and RELIEVE STRESS from shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning can bring about. 


Premium all vegetarian fed proteins and grade A nutrient dense produce. Every item is locally sourced from farms and purveyors then locally prepared - ALWAYS FRESH - NEVER FROZEN and HAND DELIVERED to our pick-up locations

Brought to you by our good friends at On The Vine Marketplace