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protein: 6 ounces

vegetables: 16 ounces

carbs-complex: 8 ounces

PALEO: 0 complex carbs

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22-24oz. House Marinated Ch... Regular price $15.99
(4) 5-6 oz. NO HORMONES OR CHEMICALS, VEGITARIAN FED boneless grade AAA chicken breasts, marinated in our signature house marinade and grilled to perfection. Serve as your main dish with sides, slice for hearty sandwiches or chop up and toss with your favorite salad. An easy way to complete any healthy meal.

approx  222-24 ounces- 7g protein per ounce - 1g fat per ounce

16oz. House Marinated Steak... Regular price $23.99

A customer favorite every time. Trimmed and infused with our signature house marinade then grilled to perfection, these high quality steak tips arrive to you freshly cooked and ready to eat. 

Just add veggies and a carb, or slice over your favorite salad if you are paleo inclined. All natural. All good.

approx 16 ounces. 7.2g protein per ounce - 3g fat per ounce

16oz. Cilantro Lime Turkey ... Regular price $15.99
 All natural turkey tips, marinated in a cilantro lime marinade and grilled. Freshly cooked and ready to eat.  An awesome go to lean protein for sandwiches, salads or a main  dish -just add sides.


approx 16 ounces. 7g protein per ounce - 1g fat per ounce


24oz. Spinach Feta Turkey B... Regular price $16.99

(4) 5-6oz burgers made from all natural, hormone free turkey tips, ground in-house and infused with just the right amount of feta, spinach and spices. Put on a bun or a green salad and your ready to eat.

approx 24 oz. 7g protein per ounce - 1.8g fat per ounce

16oz. Wild Rice Blend - GF Regular price $6.99

Gluten Free blend of brown & wild rice sautéed with tiny diced onion, squash, zucchini, broccoli, celery, garlic and olive oil.  Perfectly seasoned and ready to eat. Add healthy carbs to any meal in an instant. 

16oz. Roasted Potatoes - GF Regular price $6.99

16 ounces of our delicious homemade potatoes, tossed in olive oil, perfectly seasoned and roasted at 450 degrees. Have a side on hand to eat with breakfast lunch or dinner.

467 calories (40% from olive oil)- 8g pro, 26g carb, 15g fat (olive oil)


16oz. Maple Sweet Potato & ... Regular price $6.99


A delicious mix of roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower lightly flavored with real maple syrup. Add to your breakfast, lunch or dinner for easy nutrients!
16oz. Roasted Broccoli - GF Regular price $5.99

Lightly seasoned with olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted just enough - this is the perfect accompaniment for steak, a piece of fish, or even cut up into your morning eggs. Bursting with vitamins and minerals and known for it's many health benefits, this 16oz serving will serve you well throughout the week.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bar - GF-... Regular price $4.99

Our recipe is designed to power you through your day with high quality, whole ingredients and natural fruits and nuts. So generous it could count for two snacks! 

bananas, oats, maple syrup, coconut oil, chia seeds, wild Maine blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cinnamon, applesauce, flax seeds, pure lemon juice

261 kcals:  3.3g protein - 34.5g carbs - 13.2 g fat- gluten free

Iowa Boneless Pork Loin - 2... Regular price $16.99

Our signature small farm IOWA pork  - Trimmed, marinated in maple bourbon sauce then grilled. Delicious - this pork loin bulk item gives you endless possibilities. Add to salads or serve with sides. Protein done! (4) 5-6oz pieces.

Approx 24 ounces. per piece: calories 245,  pro 36, carb 0, fat 12